US Fasteners is a full service fastener distributor located in Lake Forest, California. We have been serving both distributors and manufacturers for over thirty years. Whether it is a standard item or a special, intricately engineered fastener for your unique application, we will provide the part you need. We work with a diverse group of domestic and international manufacturers to deliver the most reliable and cost-effective products.

We do much more than just supply fasteners. We provide technical support, customer service, experience, and dependability. If you are buying fasteners solely on price, you are probably paying too much.

We maintain an extensive inventory and a broad spectrum of fastening choices. Thread-forming screws, machine screws, rivets, high-strength socket products, metric screws, washers, screwdrivers, castors and custom manufactured fasteners are just small example of the types of products we offer. We can also provide fasteners in a variety of materials and plating options. If an item you require is not on our shelf, tell us. We will stock it for your convenience and immediate delivery.

Call today for a free consultation. Tell us about your circumstances. Let us share how our knowledge, expertise, and extensive inventory can help save your company time and money.

With manufacturing capabilities throughout United States and around the globe, we are able to offer domestic and foreign products of your choice, including METRIC hardware and MADE-TO-PRINT items of the highest quality. Remember US Fastener Corp. for:

  • Immediate response on stock quotes
  • Same day shipment on stocked items
  • Scheduling to meet your requirements
  • Technical advice on fastener options
  • Made-to-print specials
  • Shorter factory lead times
  • Quality fasteners to fit your needs
  • Comparable pricing
  • Commitment to excellence
Decimal vs. Diameter Size
Diameter vs. # of Thread
Length Tolerances
Major/Minor Diameter
Measuring Screw Lengths
Suggested Hole Sizes for Tapping Srews
Weights (Machine Screws and Tapping Screws)
Weight of Nuts


Thread forming, Thread cutting, Tapping,
Machine screws, Sockets, Standard and Metric,
Nuts, Bolts, Washers in Stainless and Steel
Plus other specialty fasteners.

| Bolts | Hex Keys | Inserts | Locking Devices | Machine Screws | Nuts | Pins | Platings |
| Retaining Rings | Rivets | Security Fasteners | SEMS Screws | Sockets | Self-Tapping Screws | Washers |
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