DOMED HEAD: The domed head style is the most commonly used type of blind rivet, possibly due to very easy application and its versatility. The head diameter is twice the diameter of the rivet body itself, which creates sufficient holding power for standard materials.
LARGE HEAD: This head style is generally used to fasten brittle or very soft materials together. Since this head style has a 50% larger diameter than the standard domed head rivet, there is less possibility of damage to the materials being riveted.
COUNTERSUNK: When a smooth and neat appearance is desired, a countersunk head can be used. This rivet has a 120 degree countersink under the head but is also available with 100 degree countersink when requested.

Blind rivets are available in a variety of material combinations. When designating rivet materials:

1) give the rivet body material
2) the mandrel (stem in center of rivet) material

Rivets are available in various aluminum alloys, copper alloys, stainless steels and low carbon steel. Ask your sales person for technical information on these standards or non-standards.

Rivet Diameter : Measure the rivet diameter in 1/32" increments.

Rivet Length : The length is actually the "maximum gripping length" of a rivet; therefore the rivet will be slightly longer to allow for crimping. To insure rivet will be proper length, measure the thickness of the material to be fastened. Domed and Large head rivets are measured from under the head, whereas the countersunk style is measured from the top of the head. This length is measured in 1/16" increments.

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