The main purpose of a security fastener is to prevent unfastening. In most cases special tooling is required both for installation and removal. This is the main benefit of fasteners with the security drives.

There are many uses for security fasteners especially in public facilities. In parks and playgrounds they are used on signs, benches, fountains, restrooms, swimming pools and play equipment. In restaurants and hotels use them to fasten down artifacts, televisions, furniture and lighting fixtures. Amusement parks use security fasteners on railings, doors, coin-operated equipment such as money changers, video machines and games. Cases, covers and cabinets housing computers, fax machines and communication equipment also use security fasteners to prevent disassembly. On meters, monitoring equipment, and power supply housing, unauthorized removal can be avoided by using security fasteners. In general any fastener which comes in contact with the public and should not be removed, is a candidate for a security drive fastener.

Security screws are available in pan, round, truss, oval, flat, button and socket cap head styles. They may have either machine screw threads or sheet metal threads. The most readily available materials are zinc plated steel and for more severe environments - stainless steel. Other materials may be available by special order. Installation and removal power tool bits and hand tools are available also. Ask your sales representative for more information. For a quick comparison of cost vs. degree of security see reference chart below.

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