Helical coiled thread inserts are available by many brand names. Regardless of name, they all serve the same function of protecting tapped threads from stripping or seizing and providing superior thread strength over the tapped material alone. Their unique design of coiled wire with a diamond shaped cross-section is highly adaptable inmost materials. They are lightweight, ductile, and space saving while still providing strength. The coiled diameter is slightly larger than the recommended tapped hole allowing the insert to expand and anchor itself within the hole.

Two styles are available: STANDARD has the free running threads, and LOCKING has a coiled of crimped turns which will lock onto the mating bolt. Most sizes are available in 18-8 stainless steel but can also be ordered in Phosphor Bronze and Inconel X-750 in some sizes. Installation tools including taps, tang break-off tools and installation data are available for your information - simply ask your sales representative.

There are many styles of inserts on the market today. Generally they all have internal threads and some kind of outside knurl - either cross-hatched, diamond or grooved diagonals which allow for molding material to adhere to the insert.

Some inserts may be more like a bushing with both internal and external threads. They may be slotted or drilled, or the thread design may be ribbed to automatically tap threads as thee insert is tightened down. Your requirement may be a readily available stock item if it is similar in design to those shown below. Custom inserts can be manufactured to your specifications with short lead times. Simply fax over a print for quote.

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