Another popular type of lock pin is the coiled pin. It is recognized by the 2-1/4 coiled cross -section. With installation, the compression begins at the outer edge and move through the coils toward the center, distributing stress equally. The coiled act as shock absorbers allowing the pin to flex, dampening the impact and protecting the walls.

It is critical to choose the correct "duty" pin. If the pin is too strong, it will not flex as required and wall damage could result. There are three types or "duty" pins to choose from: HEAVY, LIGHT AND STANDARD duty to meet most requirements. Because of the flat cut chamfered ends, these pins can be reused several times. They require less pressure to insert than a spring pin and can be a benefit when a pin is needed in a thin section or in fragile materials. They are available in 1070 carbon steel, 6150 alloy steel in larger diameters, 420 stainless steel, and non-magnetic 302 stainless steel.

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