Having teeth on the outer perimeter provides the greatest torsional resistance. Use with pan, round and binder head screws which have a head style that is large enough to come in contact with the washer teeth.

INTERNAL TOOTH When a lockwasher is required but is cosmetically undesirable, an internal tooth lockwasher may be the answer. The teeth are hidden under the head of even the smallest head style - the fillister head.

Use for oversized or irregular holes when a larger bearing surface is required. Can be used between two surfaces when an original setting must be maintained during either rotational or longitudinal adjustments.


Use when a lockwasher is required under a countersunk flat or oval head screw. They are available in 82 ° or 100 ° countersink as external tooth style but also can be obtained as internal tooth on special request.


Use this rigid square or hexagon shaped washer for very high torque tightening requirements. These washers are known for their resilience under heavy loads and sharp points on underside of the perimeter which prevent shifting. The internal teeth lock onto the bolt providing extra locking action.


Use this rigid washer when the locking force needs to be distributed over a large area as with thin or soft materials. Available with or without locking teeth under the perimeter.


Use in applications that require more resilience than a dome allows. The special arched design distributes locking force over a large area which is preferred when working with soft or thin materials. Internal teeth lock onto the bolt. Dished washers are available with or without locking teeth on the perimeter.

SQUARE CONE Using a combination of washer designs, this style provides spring action under loads, controlled tension, greater control during installation, design flexibility and cost savings compared to a plain conical washer of equivalent material and size.
WAVE Use in anti-rattle applications as cushioning devices in light load applications, to eliminate end play or as a take0up spring when large variations in tolerance occur. Available in various waves, with each wave providing additional load bearing capabilities.
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