The slotted spring pin (aka: roll pin) is made by forming a sheet of steel into a cylinder which is actually larger than the diameter of the hole it will be driven into. The pin is heat treated for toughness, resilience and shear strength. Spring pins are much stronger than steel straight pins, taper pins or grooved pins of equal size.

The special pin design with the engineered slot width and chamfer on each end, are the unique reasons these pins lock into place. As the pin is driven into the hole, it springs open forcing a continuous pressure against all sides thereby preventing vibrational loosening.

Slotted spring pins are available in 1075-1095 carbon steel and 420 magnetic stainless steel from stock. Beryllium copper for anti-magnetic and electrical applications or non-magnetic corrosion resistant 302 stainless steel are available on special request. Roll pins can withstand up to 500 ° F when made of carbon steel and up to 700 ° F when made of either 420 stainless or beryllium copper. They are available with plain, oiled, zinc, cadmium, phosphate or passivated finishes. Spring pins are lightweight, maintenance free, cost efficient and can save your company money by saving time on your assembly line.


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